Through One Dad's Eye

Raising a family and building websites in small town America

Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski
I'm a fifty-something married guy with four kids in a small central Minnesota town. One of the kids is in college, another is back home, being between jobs and places to live.

Life has been anything but boring since my wife and I got married and started a family, about a quarter-century back, but last year (2006) was more exciting than usual.

My third summer layoff in a row started in the spring. The timing was pretty good, as things turned out.

With no job to complicate schedules, the family doctor and my wife convinced me to get some long-overdue repairs done:

  • Carpal tunnel, left and right wrists

  • "Trigger finger" tendon trouble, left and right hands

  • Hip replacement, left and right side

It's a good thing I didn't have to go to work. I don't seem to bounce back as fast as I did when I was seventeen.

So far, last summer's layoff has lasted through fall, winter, and spring. My family hasn't had such exciting financial times for decades.

In a way, this is a wonderful opportunity. I'm getting a few minutes a week now, on average, at my day job, which gives me a great deal of time to develop my own business.

Focusing on one career has been a little challenging for me, since I'm interested in:

  • That which exists within the universe

  • That which exists beyond, and

  • That which might exist

Picking interests for this profile was a little challenging, too. What's listed on this page is a sort of 'best-of' selection, and may get changed.

Since the debacle of May, 2007, when LJ suspended hundreds of journals based on a thoughtless keyword process, we need to be more careful. So, I've carefully added the following paragraph.

Disclaimer! I don't necessarily approve of everything I'm interested in. "The word 'interest' does not mean 'liking' or 'approval'. It means that I am interested in discussing a topic." I am interested in architecture, surgery and the Web, even though I don't endorse all styles of architecture, do not perform surgery (apart from taking out a splinter now and again) and don't approve of all of the Web's content.

(Quote in the above paragraph is from mdlbear's post of June 1, 2007, used with permission).

Now, some legal stuff: Unless otherwise noted, material in Small Town Dad's journal, "Through One Dad's Eye" is copyright © 2007-present by Brian H. Gill. All rights reserved. It may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part without express written permission. Fair use is permitted, including short quotations, links, and extracts used in search engines.